Electricity is available to us with a “click”, but its evolution is long, brilliant, exceptional. That is why we have created…

Location: HPP Matka

Canyon Matka, Saraj Municipality, Skopje

Many exhibits are displayed which explain the history of electricity



Announcement - Matka won the "Museum of the Year" award

Skopje, 18.05.2018 - The Exhibition Center Matka is the winner of the "Museum of the Year" award presented by ICOM (International Council of Museums) - Macedonia. The award is given on the occasion of 18 May - the International Day of Museums for special achievements in its activity...

Electrical engineering

Production of electricity in Macedonia

At the beginning of the last century, electrification began in Macedonia. In 1909, the first power plant in Macedonia was put into operation in Skopje. The power station produced direct current of 60 KS and a voltage of 220 V. The electricity produced at the first plant in Skopje w...


For the center

The Exhibition Center Matka is a unique educational center in Macedonia dealing with energy. In it, visitors through modern interactive methods can learn more about electricity, its hi...

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