Electricity is available to us at just a click, but its evolution has been long, ingenious, special. That's why we created it.

Location: HPP Matka

Matka Canyon, Municipality of Saraj, Skopje

Various devices are exhibited, explaining the history of electricity



Production of electricity in Macedonia

At the beginning of the last century, electrification began in Macedonia. In 1909, the first power plant in Macedonia was put into operation in Skopje. The power station produced direct current of 60 KS and a voltage of 220 V. The electricity produced at the first plant in Skopje w...

About the center

The Matka Exhibition Center is the only educational center in Macedonia that covers energy-related topics. In it, visitors can learn more about energy, its history, production, transmission, and use through modern interactive methods. The educational exhibit is located in the histo...

Пренос и дистрибуција на електрична енергија

За да може произведената електрична енергија од централите каква што е ХЕЦ „Матка“ и од сите други производители да дојде досите потрошувачи, неопходно е таа соодветно да се „ пренесе“. ...

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