About the center

The Matka Exhibition Center is the only educational center in Macedonia that covers energy-related topics. In it, visitors can learn more about energy, its history, production, transmission, and use through modern interactive methods.

The educational exhibit is located in the historic building of the old Matka hydropower plant, where guests have the unique opportunity to see an 80-year-old energy facility that could still be in operation up close.

EVN has the honor of owning the Matka hydropower plant as part of its small production of electricity from renewable sources. Matka has always been special. It is located in one of the most picturesque canyons in the country, visited by tourists from all over the globe. Macedonia, like the rest of the world, has a growing need for education of young people in so-called STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). The love for these sciences is fostered in childhood, and there are not enough educational facilities that would cultivate it in Macedonia.

Matka’s rich history, which is worth telling to the future generations, as well as the need for STEM education, were the main reasons why EVN created the Matka Exhibition Center.