Energy efficiency

To produce electricity, a lot of natural resources are consumed, so the rational use of electricity or energy efficiency is extremely important.

The concept of energy efficiency means reducing the use of electricity in the modern way of life by changing habits and behaviors. Additionally, this concept includes the introduction of new technologies and a series of measures in the housing and business sector in order to achieve energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency today is a strategic commitment and is the basis for future economic development in all countries.

EVN Macedonia as a socially responsible company implements a series of activities for different target audiences aimed at greater energy efficiency. The activities are aimed at different target audiences, especially within the Energy Efficiency Platform. The educational campaign “Energy Mathematics”, which aims at greater energy efficiency in homes and companies, received the international award “Golder Award” from the International Public Relations Association IPRA. This first award of its kind in Macedonia has been awarded for exceptional results in popularizing energy efficiency and specific effects among different target audiences.

In the Exhibition Center Matka energy efficiency is an integral part of most exhibits. If you want to learn more about energy efficiency, visit the Matka Exhibition Center.