In the display of the exhibition center today you can see original old items, archive materials, films, photographs, interviews, real components of the electric and energy system as well as unique educational models designed for the center and for learning through interaction.

Topics covered by the exhibited items are:

Visit the center and see the whole content of the center up close!

Display of the electro distribution system

Discover the path of electricity from its production to its final destination in our homes, factories, hospitals, schools…

Control room

The employees oversaw the work of the hydroelectric power plant from the control room. You too have the opportunity to see how 80-year-old instruments work.

Dispatch board

Look at the original dispatch board, which was used in the old “Elektrostopanstvo” until 1974. By introducing modern information technologies and digitalization of the EVN network, this board became a reminder of the work of the dispatchers in the past.

Light bulbs

The light bulb is an electric device that we use daily. Like other devices, some consume more and some less energy. Do you know which bulb consumes the most? Try to find the answer yourselves.


How solar energy turns to electrical energy with the help of solar panels? We have a mini sun, so go head and try to produce as much electricity as you can with it.


Wind is one of the renewable source of energy. Learn how with the help of windmills, the force of the wind can be set to produce electricity.

Van de Graaff

How does electricity affect near-by objects? With the Van de Graaff regenerator we will help you find out without the danger of “electrocution”.

Plasma ball

Magic light beams through a glass ball touching your hand, and you don’t know why? Visit us and learn about the effects the plasma ball has on the human body.